Food Wellness

Food wellness is a term created to describe the ideal state for adopting healthy eating habits into your busy day-to-day life. When food wellness is achieved the hope is that your body and mind will be able to perform at peak performance. 


The foundation of food wellness is made up of three components: meal planning, nutrition & cooking. When one of these areas is missing it is almost impossible to establish sustainable long-term healthy eating habits. 


Meal Planning




Meal Planning

Being prepared and organized is essential for being successful in the execution of maintaining healthy eating habits. This is why meal planning is so crucial.


While meal planning can be tedious at times and require a bit of work it saves you so much work in the long run. Additionally, meal planning reduces stress during your busy work week and it protects you from consuming energy dense convenience foods.  


The fuel you put into your body impacts your performance and mood. 

There is an overwhelming amount of unscientifically based nutrition information available. It makes it difficult to navigate between what is true and what is trendy. Unfortunately this leads to tremendous confusion about what we should actually put in our bodies.


The perplexing nature of nutrition, as a result of being bombarded by new diet claims on a regular basis, can actually impair your ability to achieve food wellness.  

This inconsistency of information is why having insight to sound nutritional information is a key pillar in obtaining food wellness. 


You may be incredibly organized and have immense nutritional insight, but if you don't know how to get all of that wonderful head knowledge on to a plate you will struggle to successfully reach an ideal state of food wellness. Becoming a nutritionist does not automatically mean you are an amazing cook. 

Being equipped with the tools to execute not only a healthy meal, but also a delicious meal is so important. That is why cooking is essential for upholding healthy eating habits. 

Lauren Klukas PFT

with Janine E. RD & Ashlee G.

Photography Lindsay Nichols

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