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Worst case you order pizza

I am often asked basic cooking questions. Most feel embarrassed to not know the answers, but you would be surprised as to what people do not know about cooking and the amount of preparation involved!

I personally started cooking because of my love and passion for food. I have always had such an appreciation for the skill and art involved with preparing and presenting a beautiful and delicious dish. To me there are no silly questions! If you don't ask you will never learn. But I also encourage you to go in the kitchen and just start experimenting!

Don't be afraid to try new things and see what happens! Likely your worst case scenario will involve ordering pizza!

Every great chef has one of those nights every once and a while too!

When you start your own cooking venture don't expect your first dish to be Michelin Star worthy. Instead, be comfortable to try something unknown. Who knows you might even like it enough to cook it again! My challenge to you today is on your next trip to the grocery store buy a vegetable that you have never tried before! Look up a tried and true recipe for that ingredient and just go for it! Remember worst case you order a pizza, best and most likely scenario you start to learn to love the cooking process! Any questions!! Don't hesitate to ask!

Love Ashlee

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