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Top 20 Food #Igers to follow on Instagram

Guys I need to brag for just a second. I am pretty sure that hands down I have the most beautiful Instagram feed! I have my own personal feed that I love to follow all of my dear friends and family, but for my business Instagram account I only follow other food Instagramers. Whether you are a good cook or not we can all appreciate beautiful pictures of food. That is what I love about food. It transcends race, culture, language, and in light of the past 24 hours it also transcends politics. It does not matter if you are left or right in your political views, we can all appreciate food and the fellowship that surrounds delicious and exquisite cuisine. A number of my favourite food Instagramers don’t even speak English, but I feel instantly drawn to them when they share a captivating photograph of dish that reveals their genuine passion and connection with food. Let us all agree that the one thing we can unite on is food! I dare you to watch this video and not get emotionally connected to the passion we all share around food. Hunger Free Video

This week I wanted to share the my top 20 favourite food #Igers to follow on Instagram. Who are some of your favourite foodies to follow?

TOP 20 food Instragramers you NEED to follow!

20 The Feed Feed @thefeedfeed I struggled with where to put this on my list, because this is honestly one of my favourite Instagram accounts! The account is run by Julie Resnick, but it is a crowd-sourced cooking feed fueled by a community of #Igers. Everyone shares their recipes and then The Feed Feed decides who to feature. The Feed Feed is a great resource for discovering your new favourite food Instagramers! There are numerous collaborative Instagram account. However, the discernment of The Feed Feed for what to repost is really amazing, they have an incredible eye for beautiful and delicious recipes to share. If you are not one the million followers, then make sure you go and follow @thefeedfeed immediately!

Featured on The Feed Feed. Picture & Recipe credit The Sweet & Simple Kitchen


19 Abbey’s Kitchen @abbeyskitchen Abbey is a registered dietitian and food blogger. Abbey shares the same vision of The Complete Plate, we desire for people to develop healthy relationships with food again and find joy, not guilt, in eating. Abbey’s has a goal to help people celebrate the pleasure of the eating experience. You can read more about Abbey and find some delicious recipes on her website. Follow Abbey @abbeyskitchen


18 Lori Yates - Foxes Love Lemons @foxeslovelemons Lori makes delicious home comfort food recipes that are all beautifully photographed. You can find all of her delicious recipes on her website and you can follow Lori on Instagram @foxeslovelemons


17 Jess - Choosing Chia @choosingchia If you love photos of food rich with vibrant colours then go and follow choosing chia! Every photo is stunning! Every piece of fruit or flower is perfectly placed. You just feel happy after looking at each picture! You can find recipes at Choosing Chia, or follow Jess on Instagram @choosingchia


16 Ray @rymondtn There is nothing on this feed that I will ever be able to reproduce, but it brings me such joy and I love following along. Go and check out @rymondtn, I promise it will make you smile!


15 Anisa Sabet @ansia.sabet This Instagram feed is more for my other food blogger friends. If you want to be inspired by exquisite and tasteful food styling then you MUST follow Anisa. Each picture is so thoughtfully staged and the photography is rich and elegant. Check out her website or follow Anisa on Instagram @anisa.sabet


14 Shelly Wong - Lottie and Belle @lottieandbelle Dessert can be enjoyed by eating it, or just by appreciating beautiful pictures of it! Okay maybe a picture can only go so far with helping our sugary craving, but Lottie and Belle’s Instagram feed sure does help! Sadly Lottie and Belle is in Perth, a little ways away, but I still enjoy every photo! @lottieandbelle


13 Baked by Brogen @bybrogen I LOVE this feed! Brogen makes stunning cakes and she has 1 minute videos showing her assemble the cake from start to finish. Each video is mesmerizing, and the cakes defy gravity! You must go and follow @bybrogen now!


12 Our Spiced Kitchen @ourspicedkitchen A mom of two from Australia who loves food. Beautiful photos of dishes. As a mom I so appreciate Carrie’s desire to instill a love of real food into her children. Our Spiced Kitchen does not have a website, but all she needs to communicate her passion for food is her beautiful photography. Go and add @ourspicedkitchen to your feed.


11 Erin Clarke - Well Plated @wellplated Erin provides a wonderful mix of recipes and food pictures on her Instagram feed. You can find savoury, sweet, healthy, and a sweet treat every now-and-then. Her recipes are practical and can easily be reproduced in your own kitchen! You can find recipes at Well Plated or follow Erin’s Instagram feed @wellplated.


10 bon appétit @bonappetitmag Many of the beautiful Instagram accounts that I have recommended happened to be vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes I just want to follow a feed that has a nice mix of recipes and dishes. Bon appetite provides a great selection of classic home cooked comfort foods, desserts, and healthy dishes. You can follow @bonappetitmag.

Recipe and photo credit:


9 Vy Tran - Beyond Sweet and Savory @beyondsweetandsavory

I love the food styling in each of Vy’s photos. The best way I can describe it is purposeful imperfection. Does that make sense? I will try to explain myself further. I love how everything is not perfectly lined up, it is organic and looks natural, but doesn’t feel chaotic and messy. Not sure that makes any more sense, but I love it! You can find recipes on Vy’s website and you can follow her on Instagram @beyondsweetandsavory


8 Verena - Freistyle @frei_style

Pretty. Vibrant. Yummy. Inspiring. Elegant. Just trust me, go and follow @frei_style now, I promise you will not regret it. You can find recipes on Verena’s website Freistyle.


7 Tuulia Talvio @TuuliaTalvio Simple beautiful photos. The food styling is stunning. Every picture could be hung in an art gallery! The website is just as gorgeous! Follow @TuuliaTalvio


6 Jill Fergus - Feed the swimmers @feedtheswimmers I was instantly drawn to Jill’s Instagram feed because she is a swim mom to two high level competitive swimmers, we had an instant mutual connection through the crazy world and schedule of swimming! Amidst the chaotic schedule that comes with being part of the swim world Jill has managed to make beautiful and healthy dishes for her family to enjoy. Every picture and dish is a work of art! Follow Jill @feedtheswimmers


5 Izy Hossack - Top with cinnamon @izyhossack Ever since I entered the social media food scene with @fitlessflavor top with cinnamon was one of my favourite blogs to follow! Izy prepares yummy dishes and has an amazing eye for food photography! Follow Izy on Instagram @izyhossack


4 Edgar raw @edgarraw I am not a vegan. I love meat and cheese. If I ever was converted to veganism it would be because of Edgar! He makes some of the most stunning dishes! The colours from each recipe are just mesmerizing! Start following @edgarraw!


3 Christine - What do you crave @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s I feel like any description of this Instagram account will just sell it so short! c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s is exquisite, luxurious, elegant and delectable! Go now and find @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s you will be inspired by every single picture. You can find recipes at what do you crave?


2 Dennis the Prescott @dennistheprescott Dennis is the #Iger featured in the hunger free video above. He is a local food photographer and his story is inspiring. His love of food and cooking is contagious and permeates through every single one of his photos. If you don’t follow Dennis the Prescott then stop everything you are doing right now and go add him to your Instagram feed! handle @dennistheprescott


1 Our Food Stories @_foodstories_ I could look at photos by Our Food Stories all day. Nora and Laura have backgrounds in fashion design and photography. You feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside when you look at each one of their pictures. You feel at home. They leave you with a desire for establishing strong connections around the dinner table, and building community around a delicious meal. Go follow them on Instagram NOW @_foodstories_


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