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My Cooking Inspiration

Everyone has there own people they look up to for inspiration. Whether it be someone famous or not. These are some of the people I look up too as a chef. 1. Jamie Oliver

I used to watch 'The Naked Chef' when I was in high school and was so inspired by him. Now he is doing more than just cooking with 'The Food Revolution'. It would be a dream of mine to attend one of his get togethers someday. Although I would probably be way to nervous to speak while I would be standing in awe. Silly I know! 2. My Gramma

She took care of me when I was little and she taught me how to do cakes. from icing to baking and decorating. I am pretty sure she did everyone's celebration cake in the town I grew up in. She is a huge reason for what I do and why I enjoy it. 3. My Family

Believe it or not cooking for my family with my kids is such an amazing thing. They inspire me to be better and to challenge my everyday. Throwing kids into the mix one day makes you think you can't even handle cooking dinner to one day baking over 300 cookies plus making a cake. Your days change and what you can handle changes but when we actually get into the kitchen and my daughter Isabella just wants to learn and help its an absolutely amazing thing!

Who Inspires you to cook?

Hope you enjoy your Wednesday!

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