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8 random kitchen gadgets that are worth the drawer space

It goes without saying that there are some kitchen utensils that are a must! This includes the classic tools like the ladle, spatula, wooden spoon, and whisk.

However, there are numerous random gadgets that only perform one or two functions and are so awkwardly shaped that they take up too much prime real-estate in your kitchen utensil drawer. Additionally they are always the random tool jamming your drawer, you all know what I am talking about!

With being bombarded by so many kitchen gadgets which ones are worth the space in your drawer and which ones are not? In this post I share with you which gadgets I use regularly and are worth the space in my utensil drawer. Next post I will share with you which gadgets are not worth the space.

1. Mandoline

Photo credit: Crate&Barrel

A good mandoline is essential for cutting uniform slices quickly, and for keeping fruits and vegetables a consistent thickness. This is helpful for even cooking, saving time, and for creating a picture-perfect plate! If you are looking for a good inexpensive mandoline, that doesn't take up too much space, then check out this blog on Serious Eats comparing three mandolines all under $50.00.

2. Egg Slicer

Photo credit: Crate&Barrel

The egg slicer, similar to the mandoline, is key for cleanly cutting hard-boiled eggs for salads and sandwiches. I have the slicer above. I got it from Crate&Barrel. It perfectly cuts hard-boiled eggs in half or into slices or wedges. You can also use egg slicers to perfectly slice strawberries and mushrooms! I personally love my egg slicer from Crate&Barrel, but if you want to know which egg slicer is the best you can review the top 10 best egg slicers.

3. Cherry/Olive Pitter

Photo credit: Crate&Barrel

I don't like olives so I only use this tool for pitting cherries, but during cherry season this tool is so NECESSARY!!! I love my cherry pitter. It takes up prime real estate in my utensil drawer, but it is so worth it! Again I got my cherry pitter from Crate&Barrel, pretty much all of my kitchen gadgest I get from Crate&Barrel. You can compare the top 10 cherry/olive pitters at comparaboo.

4. Strawberry Huller

Photo credit: Crate&Barrel

This funny looking gadget is a must! This is a strawberry huller. This little tool perfectly pinches and hulls each strawberry with minimal work or mess! You can prep a whole carton of strawberries in just minutes. I love this thing! You can check out the best strawberry hullers on

5. Round biscuit cutter

Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma

I know you can use a glass and get the same result, but I disagree. Everytime I use a glass to cut biscuits it never turns out as well. I love the clean cut of a biscuit cutter. You can use a biscuit cutter for so much more than biscuits. You can cut fruit, or use it to beautifully plate a dish like these california sushi stacks from Wonky Wonderful.

Photo credit: Wonky Wonderful

6. Vacuum wine saver with stoppers

Photo credit: Crate&Barrel

Okay I know what most of you may be thinking, I don't need this because I never have any wine left over. Well with my heart I can only drink one glass, otherwise my arrythmias go crazy. If you are like me and cannot finish a whole bottle of wine, or you are using just a little bit for cooking and want to keep the rest of the wine fresh then you NEED this gadget! This vacuum system works amazingly! It keeps your wine fresh for days by creating an airtight seal. This is the vacuum seal system I have and it works great. Obviously I got it from Crate&Barrel. You can read about the top 8 wine savers here.

7. Ice cream/Cookie scoops

Picture credit: Williams-Sonoma

I love my ice cream scoop, but it can't be just any ice cream scoop. It has to have the quick spring release in the scoop. The design of these scoops allows you to scoop perfectly uniform and portioned amounts. Whether you are scooping muffins, cookies, or any batter this tool is a great way to control your portion sizes. These ice cream scoops can be found at Williams-Sonoma.

Picture Credit: Williams-Sonoma

8. 9-Inch angled icing spatula

Photo credit: Amazon

This spatula is AMAZING!!! It works so much better than any butter knife I have ever used. I know it is marketed for icing cakes, but I use this spatula for everything. It does an amazing job assembling delicate ingredients together such as evenly spreading mashed potatoes over the meat and veggies in shepherds pie. I love this little tool, it is a must gadget to have in your utensil drawer even if you are not an avid cake decorator.

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