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5 Ways to Survive the Last Minute Dinner Guests

Do you ever get that last minute call that people are coming over for dinner and you already have dinner made or prepared!?

Or maybe even things thawed out but just enough in the fridge for your family?

So how do you make that food stretch for surprise guests? Here are some simple ideas that might just help you out!

1. Stretch your protein

Cut up meat that you thawed to smaller pieces and make it look like more.

2. Add a couple more side dishes

3. Make a dessert

It doesn't have to be complicated. We all have something sweet hiding somewhere! You might just have to cave and replace your secret stash later!

4. Start with a salad

Fill up with fiber!

5. Make a simple appetizer

Veggies and dip, or hummus, crackers and cheese, or a charcuterie!

It is bound to happen at some point so it's always nice and comforting to have those extra snacks on hand. Just in case!

Keep it simple and most importantly don't be overwhelmed. You can totally handle it!

Remember your guests are not going to remember that the meal was a random collection of appetizers and side dishes. They are going to cherish your friendship and hospitality! By simply adopting these 5 ideas your guests will leave feeling like you were planning for them all along! What are some of your ideas that you have done when you were in this situation? Hope your all having a great weekend and remember to share some ideas for others! From Ashlee

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