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What does a chef actually eat?

What does a chef really eat at home?

I get this question a lot. I don't know if it's intimidation that people ask before they tell me what they cook! Or if it's a yay! I trumped the chef moment!

First off let's go back a few years when I was still officially working in the industry, single-ish, no kids, and only had to worry about one and only me. I would honestly have coffee for breakfast, maybe throw in a apple or whatever I had actually in my fridge. Then heading off to work I would actually eat a meal if there was a break in the day.

If not in all honesty I would eat simply, either it would be cereal or toast when the time to go home came along.

Craving anything fancy just didn't happen but if it did it would be on a day off. Cooking more than a basic meal after a shift was a far cry from reality

I am in no way saying this is every chef in the industry at all but when your cooking everything and I mean everything you just don't want to eat it.

Now moving forward, I now have a husband and two littles! Some days are mac n' cheese with some veggies and some like the other night was grilled chicken, sweet potato wedges, homemade aioli, and a roasted corn veg with feta and sesame oil. Now the restaurant world doesn't fuel my choices but our daily activities do. My kids are willing to try anything but that doesn't mean they like everything. In fact our oldest (Isabella) is getting to now make choices about her food which makes life a little more difficult when all she wants is pasta and pizza! Thank goodness our food choices don't revolve around just those that she makes.

The main point I am trying to reassure everyone is that even if you have a close tie to a chef you don't have to impress us all the time! The only time I actually “judge” or make harsh opinions of my food is when we eat out. I figure if we are paying extra to get a service it should be up to par.

Admitting to all of this is a nice thing, and will hopefully put everyones minds at ease. But do keep in mind when you are invited over to our place for a dinner party it will be nice and exactly what you requested or mentioned you like. This is something I love to do is spoil people with food. Over the next 2 weeks I will be posting on my Instagram feed and on Facebook our dinners that we actually eat regardless if it is not cooked by moi! Maybe this will motivate you to have something different for tomorrows meal or even make you feel a little bit better about how you cooked!

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