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Our Nutrition Mission

My guess is that you are asking “why should I listen to you over the astronomical amount of nutrition information I am bombarded with daily”? Ok, maybe in fewer words, but let me answer by telling you who I am and my stance on nutrition.

I am… · A Registered Dietitian. That means I have a University degree in Human Nutrition, completed internship, and am accountable to a professional college. · Fascinated with nutrition because we are constantly learning, which means what we know now will continue to evolve. My mission is to provide you with the most accurate story that we know, not experiential claims or agenda-driven statements. · Passionate about informed choice and health promotion. I believe that you need reliable information to make health choices. However, we also need to act together to create an environment that supports healthy choices and makes health accessible to all. · A new mom, a student, and a realist. Why is this important? I understand the complexity of food choices. It is not as simple as knowledge = action, choices are emotional, circumstantial, financial and more.

My stance on nutrition: · I strongly support the idea of moderation, not eliminating your favourite less-than-healthy foods, but rather including them in your diet in a way that promotes physical, mental, and social health. I enjoy birthday cake, Christmas cookies, and occasionally breakfast for supper (and not the high fibre, low sugar kind). Portion sizes, frequency, and sharing with others are your friends in this. · Food choices should not be based on fear. Lets take the fear out of eating and focus on how you can make choices that will make you feel good. So now that I’ve introduced myself, lets get to the fun stuff! I am going to be scouring the information you are exposed to from news sites to social media to inspire my posts and reveal the information for what it is, fact or fiction. I will also take scientific studies and put them into terms that are meaningful to your life. I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

Stay tuned for my post November 2 on making sense of sugar!

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