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Pi(e) Day

I had big plans to finish writing an eloquent blog post laced with science … and then the reality motherhood hit (hard) after my 5 am alarm clock was bumped up to 3 am and changed from a nice melody to persistent cries…oh baby girl. So instead you get my reflections on Pi day.

Yes, I know that Pi day is not Pie day, however I also recognize the sentiment to celebrate by eating pie. Why eat pie on Pi day? Well, pies do come in circular form giving it both a circumference and diameter and hence is a relation to pi; however, I think that we really just look for reasons to indulge in sweet treats and fond memories! I have a very personal relationship with pie. My husband and I met when we were in grade 9, and since neither of us had a driver’s license when we first started dating a year later, we ended up making a homemade apple pie on our first date. This led to the delicious tradition of making scratch pies together, a new variety (almost) every time. I like to think this date benefited everyone as many family and friends received the gift of pie, and we have formed wonderful memories together in the kitchen.

A Dietitian who makes pie? You heard right; not only do I make pie but I eat it too! Now that I’m writing this, all I really want is a delicious homemade Saskatoon berry pie…. Today, on Pi(e) day, I am sharing my 4 tips on enjoying pie, on whatever occasion brings it to your plate! 1) Make it!

This takes time and effort meaning you probably won’t do it often, cutting down on the frequency you eat pie. Also, perhaps after some practice, it will be more delicious than many of the store bought pies, making the work so worth it. Making pie also puts you in control of what goes into it, which means you choose how much sugar, can cut out the trans fats, and pack in fruit or perhaps even some nuts for protein, all in all making a delicious and healthier pie. 2) Make it with someone!

The kitchen is a great place to not only build skills but relationships. Doing an activity together provides quality time and can strengthen relationships. It’s so easy to do activities that focus on technology and take away conversation; try something new! 3) Share it!

To decrease the temptation to go back time and time again for “just another slice”, share the pie. Not only does this decrease the availability of leftovers, but it increases the enjoyment of eating pie when you do it in a social setting with people you enjoy. 4) ENJOY IT!

Yes, enjoy it. Focus on the experience of eating the pie. The texture, the taste, the satisfaction. How you created something so delicious! Have a cup of tea, have some good conversation. Eating the pie is an experience! Eating pie in a mindful way will increase your satisfaction, making it less likely that you eat more than your fill.

There you have it! My (3.1)4 tips for Pi(e) day. Now go make your pie and eat it too, perhaps with someone new!


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